How to Get the Best Sydney Residential Architects

Renovating your home, adding an extra room, or building a new home in Sydney will likely make you work with an architect or an architectural firm. Understandably, you would look for the best residential architects, Sydney when you want only the best for your home.

Yet, what are the qualities you need to know for you to get the best residential architect? Or what do you need to determine first before you launch your search?

Your budget

The best architects have different price structures. It’s only by talking with them that you get a general idea about their prices. It must be noted that the service prices of architects are made up of several variables.

The level of services provided is the main determinant of an architect’s price. It means that an architect may demand an hourly fee, overseeing fee, or a fixed fee. The smartest way for you to do this is to clearly communicate with the architect your needs including your budget.

Doing so prevents misunderstanding between both parties. Clear communication helps the architect to understand their involvement with the project and come up with a fair price suitable for your needs and budget.

Type of service levels

Additions, custom homes, and remodels are the home projects that residential architects typically do. A good starting point in your search for the best architect is by knowing the type of home project you want them to do.

One of the important things a homeowner should understand is the different service levels of residential architects. Opting for the full service means that the architect will not only come up with a dream home design; he will also do the hiring of contractors and be there from the beginning to the end of the construction process.

Partial services, on the other hand, only need an architect to draw the plans of the house. It will be up to the homeowner to hire the various contractors to execute the aspects of construction.

The best way to determine whether you want the full or partial services of an architect is by knowing your energy and time levels. Full service is the best option if you find home construction time-consuming and stressful. The full service allows you an overall say in the home building process while saving on time, stress, and energy.


Your timeline for the home project should also align with the timeline of the architect. Bear in mind that a flexible timeline is with custom home building. It may take a year to construct a customised home compared to home additions and remodeling.

Rush construction to meet your desired timeline does more harm than good. Issues and problems down the road are likely to happen with rush construction.

Architect’s style

Checking out previous projects of an architect is the best way to determine whether his style works for you. An architect that is into contemporary or modern home design is not the right architect if you envision the Mediterranean or Spanish home design.

Feeling eager to start and finish your home construction is natural. Rushing the construction process without hiring a residential architect is tempting. Yet, like everything else in the world, a cause and effect happen in home construction. Issues and problems in home building can be prevented with the help of a reliable architect who is a part of Sydney’s architects association.

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