Garden shed: Store your gardening tools here

Those who have a garden know it, now it is not just a matter of pruning some rebellious branches or hoeing around the flower beds to give more oxygen to the branches of an old bush. Technology has rightfully broken into this field as well and the possibility of counting on increasingly sophisticated and efficient tools is becoming easier and cheaper.

This is why it is important to prepare a specific area to store them away from bad weather and dirt. The garden shed is the ideal place for this purpose. It will be important to prepare and set up the space inside so that everything is easy to find even if we choose to dedicate a small structure to them or if we prefer to carve out a special space for tools from a larger structure.

What we certainly cannot do without will be to prepare the power connection because most of the tools for garden care work connected with the cable or with rechargeable battery.

If we do not want to create mezzanines, which are demanding from the point of view of design as well as construction, we can opt for practical shelves fixed to the wall. It will not be difficult to get some already built. It will be enough to be clear what to expect from these and we will be able to choose between:

Multi-storey structures : They will give the garden shed ( take a look at the garden shed there ) the ability to accommodate a little bit of everything and can be firmly anchored to the wall to prevent the weight of their load from affecting the structure. Their limit can be constituted by the fixity of the heights of the shelves. That is, it may not be possible to decide at what height to mount the shelves from each other. This would end up limiting the possibility of storing equipment based on their size.

Single Wall Mount Shelves: Certainly require a little more work, as they need to be wall mounted one at a time and it is important to make sure you attach adequate brackets to support the weight they will have to bear. A good idea is to imagine what they will have to support first, bulky tools like the lawn mower or ripper, or smaller tools like shears and hoes.

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