4 places in your house that might be a big source of germs and bacteria

People tend to clean those places of their homes where dirt can be seen only on the surface. Whereas, bacteria is something that cannot be seen through the naked eye and is mostly found in the most unexpected places. Even though you clean your home regularly still some unimaginable places may be a source of germs and bacteria. Places like the sink, toothbrush holders are the least possible places you can think of having germs but they carry the most germs. However, you need to clean and disinfect such places or they can be a cause of deteriorating your health. Mentioned below are the 4 places in your house that might be a source of germs and bacteria.


The curtains in your home carry enormous germs and bacteria. As they are installed in front of the window, therefore, all the dirt passes through them causing germs and bacteria in them. The curtain cleaning perth is required on a daily basis by vacuuming them and they need to be washed after every few months to avoid germs. Moreover, shower curtains are a huge source of germs and bacteria. It is a threat to health and needs to be taken seriously as it can affect your health badly. Hence, whether it’s shower curtains or other curtains, curtain cleaning should be done on the regular basis.

Toothbrush and its holder

Toothbrush and its holder are the germiest place at your house which is quite unexpected. Bacteria and germs tend to grow in a moist and damp place. Things go wrong when you brush your teeth and put the wet brush back. Moreover, they catch the germs through toilet flushing. Therefore, your toothbrush holder needs to be cleaned on a daily basis or you can simply dry your toothbrush and place it somewhere clean.


The kitchen is another germiest place in your home and is responsible for spreading bacteria. Items like the sink, sponges, coffee maker, and refrigerator are affected by bacteria and to be cleaned on a daily basis. Moreover, keep your kitchen clean by keeping the sponges cleaned and running steaming hot water through the sink pipes or by following some DIYs. Hence, as  the kitchen is the most used part of the house it should be kept clean and disinfected.

Bathroom switches, handles, and knobs

Bathrooms are one of the germiest places in your home. After you take a shower the moisture present in the bathroom causes germs and spreads bacteria. Moreover, opening the faucet is in between using the washroom and washing hands, therefore, it makes it the germiest thing. Hence, bathroom cleaning is required on a daily basis plus, faucets and door knobs need to be disinfected after every use.

This article elaborates how some unexpected places at your home can turn out to be a source of germs and bacteria. Make sure your house is clean and disinfected or else it can be a serious threat to your health. Moreover, places like curtains, kitchen sink, toothbrush holder, switches, knobs, and door handles should also be cleaned and disinfected on daily basis to maintain a healthy environment


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