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Water is the only substance that you can take as much as you want and will not harm you in any way. Although both plain and mineral waters serve the same purpose, you stand to gain more benefits by drinking sparkling water regularly.

Sparkling water goes by many names; fizzy water, mineral water, seltzer water, or spring water. It is water that has dissolved carbon dioxide in it under great pressure. By drinking sparkling water, you will reap more benefits than you can imagine. In case you were not aware of those benefits, then here are the major ones to ponder over.

Benefits of mineral water

  • Manages blood sugar

Soft drinks and other beverages contain high levels of sugar and calories that can raise your blood sugar level and even result in diabetes. On the other hand, sparkling does not contain any sugar or calories but rather has a special compound called bicarbonate that can help your body to manage sugar levels. Therefore, next time before you raise a bottle of soft drink in your mouth, think of the repercussions and instead go for sparkling water tap.

  • Facilitate weight loss

Another great benefit that you can reap from drinking mineral water is its aid in weight loss. This point is more applicable to individuals with obesity. When you drink sparkling water, the carbon dioxide in it fills your stomach and reduces your craving for food. So when you are actively involved in weight loss exercises, then mineral water will greatly boost your progress.

  • Improves your appetite

The sizzling sensation of sparkling water stimulates your taste apparatus and makes them more sensitive. This improves your sense of taste and can greatly boost your appetite. It is recommended that you should take a few gasps of sparkling water before you begin eating your main course to boost your appetite.

  • Eases constipation

Sparkling water can as well be used to ease constipation because it improves bowel movement and also improves the digestion process. Studies have shown that sparkling water is more effective in preventing constipation as compared to freshwater. If you are the kind of person that frequently suffers from indigestion and constipation, sparkling water may as well be your best remedy.

  • Facilitate healthy bones

Sparkling water contains important minerals such as calcium that are required in bone formation and development. However, you should not consume it frequently because the high acid content can weaken your teeth and bones, causing general body weaknesses. Only drink sparkling water once or twice a day to ensure that you are not harming your body in any way.

  • Increases your mineral consumption

As mentioned out earlier, sparkling water is a rich source of mineral salts including potassium, calcium, and vitamins that are essential to body processes. Thus, you should drink it at least daily to boost your mineral contents.

Precaution on drinking sparkling water

Sparkling water has more benefits to offer than still water as evidenced above. However, you should not spend the whole day drinking it because it also has some side effects on your body. Studies suggest that drinking a glass or two of mineral water once a day is enough. You can then use freshwater or other beverages such as milk for the rest of the day. But drinking soda should be completely out of the picture because it has many effects on your body.


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