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I always love gardening! It is a great way to relieve stress and as a good past time hobby. Whenever I feel like doing other things to keep my mind away from problems, I just go to my garden and admire its beauty. Gardening can also let your anxiety and stress go away and that is why I love this website too. It helped me a lot about gardening and taught me about the proper ways of gardening. Now, I can enjoy the sight of my garden and take care of it properly too. Thank you, Under Gardenir!

– Megan D. –

Have you always loved plants and gardens ever since you were young? If yes, then it really is indeed great for you as a stress-reliever! I love gardens too since my mom always had hers even when I was younger. She told me to take care of it when she gets older. To make my promise happen, this website has always been the place I go to when I need to learn about something and when I need to buy gardening supplies as well. My mom would be happy because her garden turned out to be more beautiful than the last time she took care of it.

– Fiora S. –

I am so happy that there are also many people who love gardening and taking care of plants. Many people from our neighborhood always ask why I am so in love with these things and they think that I am weird for loving them too much. What they do not know isthat these things make me so happy and calm. I like taking care of them and I am so glad I did start gardening with the help and encouragement of this site. I can never forget how they inspired me to start doing this and up until now I still am grateful for Under Gardenir.

– Alexa S. –