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The Under Gardenirwas created when I started to become interested in gardening. Ever since I was young, I always wanted to create my own garden where I can put beautiful flowers and plants in it. When I went to college, I took a course that is connected to botany and otherthings that are related to it which is my interest and that is where I got all the information about gardening and plants. The things I knew about gardening before improved so much because of this and I learned a lot of things especially about studying the plants themselves and how to take care of them properly.

My mom was really happy about our garden and she was even thrilled I learned a lot through studying. She’s been the one who thought me how to do gardening when I was younger but we found out there’s more to it and that there are more other ways to do gardening properly. When I started to work, I realized I wanted to share my knowledge about plants and gardening and that is why this website was created. However, as I run this site, I met new people who studied the same thing I did and are more than glad to help me run a website. It was a great opportunity for all of us because I knew I won’t be able to run this site alone especially when there are so many questions asked by people in different places.

This website has improved so much since the first time I created it. However, our aim stayed the same and that is to teach people the basics of gardening and even the advanced techniques and ways of doing so. We want people to have fun gardening and to find out why it is such a fun experience. Gardening is a way of healing, a hobby, a stress-reliever and more and Under Gardenir aims to let people know that while providing what they need.